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Welcome to Awakening Spiritual Warriors


The Dark -night of my soul starts in the year 2012. I lost almost everything in my life. I lost my career, relationship, and friendships. I faced a big humiliation. I worked as a medical doctor and changed my career to join the corporate field. In 2012, my struggles began. I lost nearly everything - my career, relationships, and friendships. It was a time of great humiliation for me. I had transitioned from being a medical doctor to working in the corporate world but faced betrayal in my personal life. Unfortunately, these struggles seemed to repeat themselves, and I felt stuck in a cycle of difficulty.
In 2013, I joined a meditation retreat and had huge ah-ha glimpses where I temporarily had a state of oneness. The state of oneness, also referred to as unity-consciousness or cosmic consciousness, is a concept often found in spiritual, philosophical, and mystical traditions. It describes a profound sense of interconnectedness and unity with all existence, where the boundaries between self and the external world seem to dissolve. In this state, an individual may experience a realization that everything is interconnected and part of a greater whole. I could not feel any difference between me and others. I felt deeply we are the same. I have never read about the oneness concept but experienced it for the first time.
However, that oneness state only lasted for a few weeks because I failed to practice that meditation consistently. In the year 2017, I had an inner calling to go to a place called Thiruvannamalai in India. I went there with strangers. Initially, I wanted to visit the temple at Thiruvanamalai. However, the people who accompanied me suddenly decided to climb the sacred mountain there called Mount Arunachala. I had a near-death experience at that mountain. Two weeks after coming back home, I had a spiritual kundalini awakening.
Huge epiphanies occurred to me. I realized the sabotaging patterns that made me make the wrong choices and decisions in life. I could see how I sabotaged my life by repeating my childhood issues in adulthood. Slowly I could see the TRUTH about myself, how the mind works, all the lies, meaningless lifestyles, and manipulative people around me. I could see how the world subconsciously programmed us to believe many lies.
Gradually, I began to connect with my authentic self daily through various energy practices, including meditation. I was fully committed to pursuit of the truth, seeking to understand myself, life, and my purpose. Every obstacle I encountered became an opportunity for growth and transformation. Through my efforts, I was able to break free from negative patterns inherited from my ancestors and past lives. Previously recurring problems were successfully overcome as I made new choices aligned with my higher self. While I may not have everything I desire, I experience immense peace and joy in life. I have gained a clear understanding of the truth, and channel that highest wisdom effortlessly. Many asked me how I have so much wisdom and knowledge about life and spirituality. When we tap into the Divine within us, we will effortlessly receive the Divine wisdom about everything in life and be able to solve any problems fast. Today I managed to program my whole subconscious mind in a way I wanted. The mind has become my ally. I’m, not 100% perfect, but able to overcome any obstacles easily. I'm able to witness my mind like observing a stranger. Able to be in the present moment and feel the blissful peace. I connect to the Divine within everyone and everything I see in life. Today my life purpose is to spread this wisdom to the whole world and awaken the Masters within everyone. I would love to awaken the spiritual warriors who struggle in life and help them to align their life with their highest TRUTH. My work is to guide them to see the TRUTH on how their mind is their biggest enemy and help them to break the mind's pattern.


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