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Anatomical Monk Meditation

The One Meditation that can make you meditate like a monk effortlessly
Transform Your Life...

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Course Overview

Welcome to "Anatomical Monk Meditation” ,a transformative   meditation course designed to help you to meditate effortlessly like a monk and awaken the GURU/MASTER within you.

Through this course, you will embark on a guided journey into the  practice of meditation, exploring various secretive, hidden ways to detach yourself from the mind’s noise and enter a deep stillness easily, connect to the deep peace and with your inner self, reduce stress and awaken the Shakti/Divine Power within you.

Course Structure


Grounding & Stillness of the Body

  • Vagus nerve regulation

  • Grounding to earth

  • Ancient breathing

  • Deep breathing and breathing to make you feel safe with body

  • Experience the transformative practice of guided visualizations to enhance

     relaxation and access deeper states of consciousness.               

  • Getting into alpha and theta state of the mind

  • Connecting to the Divine’s Sound

  • Chakra balancing and clearing

  • Shifting consciousness of the body + SENSES 


Anatomical and Space observation

  • Clearing the mind using powerful hidden ways

  • Make the bodymind still and totally relaxed

  • Connecting to the stillness and the space elements

  • Combining anatomy with meditation

  • Observation of your thoughts and the thoughts of others that cross your mind without getting identified with it

  • Observation of the senses and the magnetic energetic field around you

  • Witnessing mind like witnessing a stranger


Powerful Self Enquiry to access pure consciousness

  • Experience the transformative practice to access deeper states of consciousness through powerful self enquiry

  • Activate the Master/Guru within you

  • Realization of the true self


Witnessing the thoughts and connecting to the Higher Self

  • Witnessing your thoughts and thoughts of the collective consciousness like observing a stranger

  • Witnessing clearly the impermanence of life

  • Eye ball techniques to master the mind

  • Connecting to Pure consciousness and deeper state of the consciouness


Divine Guidance,answers and Advanced law of attraction

  • Discover ways to access you super consciousness to get the solution for your problems and guidance to make the right decisions

  • Advanced LOA to attract anything and live your dream life

Course Materials and Resources

  • Comprehensive course workbook to make you remember your meditation tools easily

  • Follow up session to check the progress of meditation and solve any challenges

Night Sky with Stars

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who

Struggling to meditate

Meditated for many years but unable to be in stillness or observe thoughts or observe thought patterns

Someone who has no peace and entangled with thoughts

Someone who had past trauma and unable to sit one place to meditate

Constant anxiety, depression, confusion, constant rushing and busy

Struggle to focus on one point to enter stillness and meditative state

Beginners who has no meditation experience


  1. Learn to meditate from 30-45 minute effortlessly

  2. Able to enter stillness easily without struggling to focus on one point

  3. Feel safe in the body and sit longer at one place despite having past emotional trauma

  4. Able to observe thoughts like observing a stranger from far

  5. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  6. Connecting with soul/higher self/true self

  7. Manifesting dream life from a place of stillness. Advanced law of attraction

  8. Able to connect to your true intuition and get Divine guidance for any problems. Heightened Intuition and ability to see the TRUTH every moment

  9. Tapping into the hidden wisdom,insights,knowledge of spirituality. Tapping into Divine Wisdom easily

  10. Ability to solve the most complicated problems in life

  11. Being your best version and living the Truth

  12. Enhance Mental Clarity and Focus: Unlock the power of meditation to improve concentration, enhance productivity, and sharpen your mental acuity.

  13. Improve Emotional Well-being: Gain tools to navigate challenging emotions, cultivate self-compassion, and find emotional balance.

  14. Deepen Self-Awareness: Explore mindfulness practices that allow you to observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment, leading to greater self-understanding

  15. Cultivate Conscious mindful harmonious Relationships: Learn how to bring high awareness and wisdom into your interactions, fostering deeper connections and empathy with others.

  16. Enhance Overall Well-being : Experience the holistic benefits of meditation, including improved sleep, increased resilience, and a greater sense of overall, well-being.

  17. Being intimate with yourself and totally relax your whole body mind which improves your sleep and makes you more energetic


Join Us & Get

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Enroll today in "Anatomical Monk Meditation-The one meditation that can transform your life and help you to meditate like a monk” and unlock the infinite potential within you.


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  • How this offer is different and unique compare to the meditation courses out there?
    Other meditation is about struggling to focus on one point. This meditation helps you to access a deeper meditative state without focusing on one point. Other meditations will make you struggle to sit in one place. Meanwhile, this one can guide you to be at ease and sit longer in stillness easily. This meditation helps you to have space between you and your thoughts Ability to witness everything from a place of balance and neutral Ability to make manifestations come true faster Able to get True self’s guidance for the problems in life Able to tap into your inner wisdom easily It balances Mindbody soul and aligns it with Existence. Raise your consciousness and help you to be present in your daily life. Ability to feel your deep stillness while you are going through your daily life
  • How is this course conducted?
    It is conducted live via zoom call. I will personally guide you through zoom call. It will be a group coaching. We will also have direct Q&A session
  • What is the duration of this course?
    This total duration of course will be for 3 weeks. Once a week we will conduct the meditation session via zoom call. We will have 3 meditation session and will have one follow up session one month after this course has ended.
  • Why is the duration too long?
    This meditation course involves alignment of body+mind+soul.Each week we will touch one aspect of it and you will need to practice it for the next 6 days in order to get used to that method. Only when you are able to do the first step very well, we will be able to proceed to the next level. At the 3rd session, we will be able to combine all the 3 levels of meditation and do it effortlessly. This method will help you not to feel overwhelmed or complicated especially for beginners.
  • Why does this course have the word ‘anatomy’?
    We will use anatomy of human body to access the superconscious state easily
  • Can beginners do this meditation?
    Absolutely because I will guide you step by step and give you time to practice it.If there is any doubt, we have Q&A session to help you and also a follow up session.
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    Yes, only if you email me in the first 7 days for refund. Money can be transferred to the next program or my coaching session.
  • If I’m not able to attend the live session,how can i ask questions related to the meditation?
    You can email me your question. The subject of your email must be :; Q&A meditation course
  • How is this coaching conducted?
    It is a combination of hypnotherapy ,Neuro linguistic Program, cognitive behavioral therapy & life coaching. We will access your subconscious mind to find the root cause of your problem and will guide your own mind to solve it. Additionally, your mind will be guided to create a new reality & life. It will be conducted via zoom call.
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